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Comic #3814

Number of naked cyclists I've seen in my entire life other than while in Cambridge, England: 0. Total time I've spent in Cambridge, England: about 4 hours. Number of naked cyclists I've seen in Cambridge, England: 1. It was only a few steps from the location seen here in this comic, too. The background is a photo of King's College. The statue on the wall between the windows is of King Henry VIII, who was regning in 1544 when the amazing college chapel was completed. After taking this photo, I walked north towards the nearby Trinity College (Gonville and Caius College and Clare College are in between), at which point there was a commotion in the street. Looking up to see what was happening, I was astonished to see a young woman, completely bereft of any clothing, riding a bicycle along the street. If I ever return to Cambridge, I expect to witness such a thing on a regular basis. Roughly six times a day, according to my thorough statistical analysis.

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